Thursday, July 16, 2015

New HEB Areas: Hip Hop Studies and Animal Studies

As part of its upcoming 2015 title release, ACLS Humanities E-Book (HEB) will be adding Hip Hop Studies as a new area of study. Books in this field slated for release to our online platform later this summer are: Total Chaos: The Art and Aesthetics of Hip-Hop by Jeff Chang (ed.) (Basic Civitas, 2006);  Holler If You Hear Me: Searching for Tupac Shakur (Basic Civitas, 2003) and Know What I Mean?: Reflections on Hip Hop (Basic Civitas, 2007) by Michael Eric Dyson; The ‘Hood Comes First: Race, Space, and Place in Rap and Hip-Hop by Murray Forman (Wesleyan University Press, 2002); The Hip Hop Generation: Young Blacks and the Crisis in African American Culture by Bakari Kitwana (Basic Civitas, 2003); The Hip Hop Wars: What We Talk About When We Talk About Hip Hop—and Why It Matters by Tricia Rose (Basic Civitas, 2008); and Making Beats: The Art of Sample-Based Hip-Hop by Joseph Schloss (Wesleyan University Press, 2014).

We will also be adding two initial titles in the new field of Animal Studies, J. M. Coetzee's The Lives of Animals (Princeton University Press, 1999) and Kathleen Kete's The Beast in the Boudoir: Petkeeping in Nineteenth-Century Paris (University of California Press, 1994).

Certain traditional fields of study, such as history, have always been prominent within the HEB collection; by delving into newer fields, HEB hopes to ensure that all disciplines relevant to contemporary scholars, both established and emerging, are represented.

We anticipate that more works will be added to both  areas as our collection evolves.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

ACLS Centennial Series

As part of its upcoming 2015 title release, ACLS Humanities E-Book (HEB) will be making available five initial entries in its new ACLS Centennial Series, a selection of books authored by prominent contributors to ACLS to commemorate its founding in 1919. A number of these titles will be included with each release over the next five years, leading up to ACLS's 100-year anniversary in 2019. (Read  about our founding and history here.)

Slated for initial release later this summer are three books originally published in the 1910s and '20s: John Erskine, The Moral Obligation to Be Intelligent, and Other Essays (1915); The Elizabethan Lyric: A Study (1916); and Democracy and Ideals: A Definition (1920);  The Rise of Universities (1923) by Charles Homer Haskins, the first chairman of the American Council of Learned Societies; and J. Franklin Jameson's The American Revolution Considered as a Social Movement (1926). These books exemplify the scholarly achievements that ACLS and its originators have fostered over the last century.

We look forward to bringing additional titles in this series to our readers in the future.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

HEB at ALA Annual 2015

Come see HEB at the upcoming American Library Association Annual Conference!

We will be at Booth 438 and happy to answer any questions and discuss the collection with current and prospective subscribers. We are excited about our upcoming title release, scheduled for late summer. Our 371 forthcoming titles include 124 prize-winning works and three new series: the Villa I Tatti series from Harvard University Press, the Jewish Cultural Studies series from Littman Library, and the ACLS Centennial series, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the American Council of Learned Societies.

If you'd like to schedule an appointment, drop us a line at

ALA 2015 takes place in San Francisco, June 25-30. Please visit the official website to register and for further details.

We hope to see you in San Francisco!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New Titles Forthcoming in 2015

ACLS Humanities E-Book (HEB) is pleased to present our list of 370 new titles to be added to the collection in late summer 2015. Follow this link to download a spreadsheet listing each title with publication information and subject area.

Highlights of this title release include:

  • 59 additional titles from Oxford University Press, including notable books on World War I
  • 35 titles from Princeton University Press
  • 29 titles from Cambridge University Press
  • 17 titles from University of California Press
  • Contributions from several publishers new to HEB: Beacon Press, Brill Academic Publishers, the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, Kent State University Press,

 Oneworld Publications
  • 18 entries in HEB's new Villa I Tatti series, from Harvard University Press
  • 4 entries in our new Jewish Cultural Studies series from Littman Library
  • 5 entries in our new ACLS Centennial Series
  • 7 Hip Hop Studies titles, representing an area newly added to HEB
  • 124 books awarded prizes from esteemed scholarly societies and organizations 

For additional information on forthcoming books, please contact

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

HEB at ATLA in Denver

ACLS Humanities E-Book (HEB) will be an exhibitor at the American Theological Library Association (ATLA) conference, taking place June 18-20 at the Marriott Tech Center in Denver, CO. Visit the conference website for details and registration information.

Lee Walton, HEB's National Library Account Manager, will be giving a presentation on “Perceptions of Academic Librarians Regarding E-Books and the Humanities” on Friday, June 19, at 11:00 AM.

And stop by the booth for an overview of what's new at HEB, and details of our upcoming title release in late summer.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Additional Participating Publishers for 2015

HEB is pleased to announce partnerships with two additional publishers for its upcoming 2015 title release, slated for late summer. Beacon Press and the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute will both be making valuable contributions to the platform in a wide range of research areas.

HEB now has partnerships with 117 publishers. The list 
of participants in our growing network of university and commercial presses can be found here here and is expected to continue to grow in the coming months.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Rulers of Venice, 1332-1524

A reissue of The Rulers of Venice, 1332-1524: Interpretations, Methods, Database, edited by Monique O’Connell, is now available in the HEB collection with an updated preface. The new preface contains a users’ guide to the revised version of the online database (edited by Benjamin G. Kohl, Andrea Mozzato and O'Connell) that accompanies this edition.

Rulers of Venice was originally published in 2009 by ACLS Humanities E-Book in collaboration with the Renaissance Society of America, and represents one of HEB’s interactive XML editions. The monograph component consists of four case studies about the ruling class of Venice in the 14th and 15th centuries. The essays were intended to provide background information and complement an online database that has at its core the nine registers of the Segretario alle Voci, listing the noble Venetians elected to office from 1340 to 1524. This includes transcriptions of a total of 70,000 records with as complete information as possible for each officeholder, derived from 1500 frames of digitized microfilm (which are also available to users for closer examination). The database underwent substantial technical upgrades starting in 2012, and now offers enhanced search capabilities to improve users’ experience while still drawing on the same data.

Who held office in late medieval Venice? The Rulers of Venice project as a whole attempts to answer this seemingly simple question. While there is extensive documentation relating to Venetian elections between 1324 and 1524, determining whether a particular individual held office in Venice or not often turns out to be bafflingly complex. The database represents an invaluable tool for students of Venetian history, allowing researchers to gain a much deeper understanding of the way the Republic’s politics intersected with family strategies and individual careers.

This book and the accompanying database are freely available on an open-access basis.