Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Usage Stats for HEB

As a reminder, usage statistics for the HEB collection are available to subscribing institutions wishing to monitor the extent to which this resource is used by students and faculty, as well as the popularity of individual titles. To obtain stats, go to the following link:
and select "ACLS Humanities E-Book (acls)" in the list of collections displayed at left.

To obtain an overview of hits for the collection as a whole, including searches, under "Choose report type," select the "Custom" report option and specify the desired date range. The report will be issued immediately and displayed in your browser. Note that you must be within the institution's allowed IP ranges to issue these requests, which are tracked via automatic IP recognition (no log-in is required).

For a detailed, COUNTER-compliant report showing individual titles, select "Book Report 2" under "Choose report type," select the desired year, and enter the recipient's e-mail address. (Do not select "Book Report 1," as this provides data only for those digital texts that the user can view in their entirety all at once. This does not apply to any of the books in the HEB collection, which can be viewed exclusively on a page-by-page or section-by-section basis.) The requested report will be issued via e-mail and may take a few hours to arrive in your mailbox.

Note that proxy access through third-party providers such as Shibboleth and EZProxy is tracked separately, and those usage stats should be added to the reports described above. Access via password log-in will also not be reflected in HEB usage stat reports.