Monday, February 7, 2011

HEB’s Fair-Use Policy

A thorough understanding of copyright and fair-use rights continues to be important to the work of students, scholars and authors. HEB has recently updated the description of its printing and downloading policies in the Help section of our website, in order to provide more information to users of the HEB collection.

ACLS Humanities E-Book follows fair-use rights and restrictions for all books on the site. Since most material on this site is licensed from participating publishers for electronic distribution only, fair-use restrictions should be carefully followed by users for any printing. This means that you may print pages for your personal research use only. If, as an instructor, you want to use material in a course, you can provide the permanent URL on the title record page and the appropriate page numbers to students. If you want to photocopy pages for your course, you must apply directly to the original publisher for permission.

Under the “page pdf” viewing option for titles in the collection, the default setting is set to both view and print three pages at a time. This is generally sufficient for following a citation or extracting a quotation and follows HEB’s policy for fair-use rights and limitations. If in doubt, or for further information, see our section on fair use.