Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The English Institute Goes Born-Digital

HEB announces the publication of a new born-digital, XML title: On Periodization, edited by Virginia Jackson of Tufts University and published by The English Institute in collaboration with ACLS. This partnership between HEB and the English Institute is especially important: it represents our first born-digital title in literary studies and the Institute’s first venture into publishing the multimedia that reflect the growing importance of the digital in literary analysis. 

This book is the latest in the series of English Institute publications. For seven decades, The English Institute has been a major resource for developments in criticism, theory, and scholarship, while honoring traditional fields of interest and modes of literary analysis. This volume presents selected papers from the 2008 annual English Institute conference, held at Harvard University. It includes the work of seven scholars from among papers presented at the conference. Previous volumes — already offered in our English Institute series — include many of the most important literary critics of the past three generations. According to English Institute Trustee William Germano, “This collaboration is a terrific opportunity for us. With digital access, hyperlinks, and audio and visual enhancements, our new series brings the English Institute into the electronic present.” 

The English Institute and HEB are already at work on the next born-digital title in the series, which will present papers from the 2009 conference. This new, born-digital series is edited by Meredith L. McGill of Rutgers University.

HEB is pleased to be hosting this distinguished series and to be The English Institute’s partner in this continuing collaboration. See a complete list of our XML titles.