Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Titles and MARC Records Released

ACLS Humanities E-Book (HEB) subscribers now have access to 371 titles newly added to our online collection. MARC records for the additions may be downloaded for integration with library holdings (please see below for instructions).

With the 2015 release, the HEB collection now totals 4,680 titles. Highlights from the newest additions include:

  • Expanded offerings from key HEB publishing partners: 59 books from Oxford University Press, 35 books from Princeton University Press, 29 books from Cambridge University Press, and 17 books from the University of California Press.
  • Contributions from new collaborating publishers Oneworld Publications, Kent State University Press, Brill Academic Publishers, Beacon Press, and the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute.
  • The launch of three new series: selected scholarship from the Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies at Villa i Tatti, Jewish Cultural Studies from the Littman Library, and the first installments in the ACLS Centennial series to commemorate the founding of the organization in 1919.
  • One hundred sixteen titles that have received awards from ACLS constituent societies.
  • Titles recommended to HEB by our newest contributing ACLS constituent society, the Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES).
  • The incorporation of two new areas of research: Hip-Hop Studies and Animal Studies.
  • Nine additional books written by ACLS Fellows.

MARC Records 

MARC records for all titles in the collection are available for free download on our website. If you are a librarian at one of HEB’s subscribing institutions, please follow this link to download a zip file (acls12.zip) containing 363 records for our 371 newly released fall 2015 titles. (Note that one record may cover multiple volumes of the same title.)

New subscribers or those who have not recently updated their MARC records for the collection should instead download the cumulative file acls1-12.zip (covering all titles in rounds 1-12).

If downloading the new records only, please be sure to also remove the six MARC records corresponding to titles removed in this round from your library catalog. These can be found in a file called acls12_REMOVED.zip. (A list of all titles removed from the collection to date can be found here.)

For any additional questions regarding cataloging and MARC records, don’t hesitate to contact us at subscriptions@hebook.org.