Wednesday, May 28, 2014

HEB at SUNYLA 2014

Librarians, please come by and visit HEB at the upcoming SUNYLA 2014 conference in Albany, NY.

We will be at Table F13 on Tuesday, June 10, and Wednesday, June 11, and will be happy to answer any questions and discuss the HEB collection with current and prospective subscribers. Libraries who subscribe to HEB during the conference will be entitled to a special show discount of 20%. (For current pricing, please see our website.) If you'd like to schedule an appointment, drop us a line at

The event takes place on the University at Albany campus, June 9-13. Please visit the conference website to register and for further details.

We hope to see you in Albany!

Monday, May 19, 2014

New on HEB: Three Gutenberg-e Titles

HEB has just released three additional titles in its ongoing Gutenberg-e series. These latest installments complete the HEB edition of this pathbreaking collaboration between Columbia University Press and the American Historical Association intended to make innovative scholarship available to readers in a digital format. Support for the Gutenberg-e initiative was provided by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Newly available on HEB, Societies, Religion, and History: Central East Tanzanians and the World They Created, c. 200 BCE to 1800 CE by Rhonda Gonzales delves into the history of the Ruvu peoples living along the central Tanzania coast. The work explores the archaeological and linguistic significance of this particular region, which was central to brokering economic and other interactions between various societal and geographic groups over a period of hundreds of years. 

Laura J. Mitchell's Belongings: Property, Family, and Identity in Colonial South Africa  addresses colonial/imperial expansion and conflict between representatives of the Dutch East India Company and indigenous peoples, as well as Indian-Ocean slaves, in South Africa in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries—bringing to light the habits and practices of European settlers outside of organized political and military efforts that proved instrumental to exerting colonial control over local frontier regions.

Finally, Arms and the Woman: Just Warriors and Greek Feminist Identity by Margaret Poulos investigates the symbolism of depictions of women-in-arms and well as actual historic female participation in three armed conflicts: the War of Independence or Greek Revolution of 1821, the National Resistance movement (1941–44) and the Greek Civil War (1946–49), in a dissertation that addresses the intersections between nationalism, militarism and feminism.

HEB is pleased to offer its own editions of all 35 prize-winning books in the series in a cross-searchable, XML format. For a complete list of titles, please see this link.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

HEB's Top Users for 2013

Below is our list of the twenty-five institutional subscribers to ACLS Humanities E-Book (HEB) with the highest usage for 2013. Among these are some of the oldest institutions of higher learning in the US, the United Kingdom and Canada.

  1. University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
  2. University of Toronto, Toronto, CA
  3. York University, Toronto, CA
  4. Harvard University
  5. American Public University System
  6. Columbia University
  7. The University of Chicago
  8. Durham University, Durham, UK
  9. Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK
  10. New York University
  11. University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK
  12. Yale University
  13. University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK
  14. University of Wisconsin, Madison
  15. McGill University
  16. University of Warwick, Coventry, UK
  17. Stanford University
  18. University of Sydney
  19. London School of Economics, UK
  20. University of California, San Diego
  21. University of California, Berkeley
  22. University of Liverpool, UK
  23. University of Exeter, Exeter, UK
  24. Princeton University
  25. University of Virginia

Usage statistics reflect both page views and searches.

For a complete list of current subscribers, please see this page.