Monday, November 2, 2009

Participate in Survey to Test HEB Titles on E-Book Readers!

ACLS Humanities E-Book invites you to participate in a survey, which has been designed to test the viability of presenting titles from our online collection in new formats for use on various handheld e-book readers, including the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, and Apple iPhone. Your participation will help us to gather valuable feedback on the use of scholarly titles on handheld devices.

Please visit to download one or more free HEB titles to your e-book reader and to access the survey.

To thank you for your time and considered responses, we'll be doing a raffle drawing for three $50 gift certificates to a retailer of your choice: Amazon, Sony, or Apple. Be sure to fill out the contact information on the last screen of the survey to enter the raffle. Individual responses are strictly confidential. The overall results and analysis will be made available in a subsequent white paper. Thank you for your participation. ACLS Humanities E-Book