Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New on HEB: Oplontis Villa A (“of Poppaea”) at Torre Annunziata, Italy

ACLS Humanites E-Book (HEB) is pleased to announce its recent release of Oplontis Villa A (“of Poppaea”) at Torre Annunziata, Italy, Volume 1: The Ancient Setting and Modern Rediscovery, edited by John R. Clarke and Nayla K. Muntasser. This is the first of four volumes devoted to the archaeological discoveries made at the Villa A site at Oplontis (Torre Annunziata, Italy). The Oplontis Project is an initiative operating under the direction of Clarke and Michael L. Thomas of the University of Texas at Austin, in collaboration with the Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici per Pompei, Ercolano e Stabia, as well as an international team of scholars working in multiple disciplines.

This first volume includes essays by Elaine K. Gazda; Lorenzo Fergola; Vincenzo Marasco; Giovanni Di Maio; Massimo Ricciard; Kathryn Gleason; Gaetano Di Pasquale, Daniela Moser, Emilia Allevato and Oliver Nelle; Elda Russo Ermolli and Erwan Messager; and Clarke; topics covered range from architecture to geology to ancient flora and fauna of the region, as well as an overview of on-site discoveries in chronological order from the end of the sixteenth century through the present.

The extensive research that gave rise to this publication also includes a navigable, three-dimensional virtual model of Villa A at Oplontis assembled by the Project team at the University of Texas and the King’s Visualisation Lab, King’s College, London, which will be available online in the near future. HEB will eventually incorporate this model into the publication.

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